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Hi there! Apple Watch game players!

Back when the Apple Watch was first introduced. We love to play games on it but we couldn't find many decent ones at the time. So we simply made one. It was fun. Then two, three... so on until a lot of Thantoan Apple Watch games were made.

Our Apple Watch games are various in terms of gameplay, contents, art styles... Some are free and being enjoyed by millions, others are given for the price of a night coffee ^^ to spread fun on more and more people wrists!

Overtime, we hope our community of Apple Watch fans continue to grow larger. And our Apple Watch games are the little gems of love you'd find on the way!

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Our most AMAZING free games for Apple Watch

Here are a few among all our games. Although they are made for Apple Watch in mind, they can be played well on any iOS devices like iPhone, iPad. Have fun playing!

Apple Watch Game bundles

Cakeogame 4 in 1 Essential New Watch Game Pack

So you ve got a nice watch and need some action games? Get this bundle for a great value. The pack contains 4 games:
*** Zombie war watch: Truly horror now follow you every step right on your watch !!!
*** Watch spinner: Carry hundreds of spinner with you and play anytime :))
*** Unicorn bird watch: Join the colorful endless jumping adventure, and don't look back...
*** City tower for watch: The sky has no limit, so is mankind engineering ability. It's the right time to build your own tower!!!
Get all of those 4 game at once with huge discount, NOW

Play games on Apple Watch and iPhone

PREMIUM quality games for Apple Watch

Incredible fun Apple Watch games for the price of a coffee!


Thantoan Game Studio head office is located in Ha Noi, Viet Nam. We focus on improving gamers satisfaction on Apple Watch and other mobile devices.
Feel free to get in touch at:
Address: No 1 Luong Yen, Ha Noi, Viet Nam